Guessless does not collect any of your personal information and does not use cookies.

Embedded content (such as videos) may be provided on some pages which are subject to the host’s privacy policy. No content is loaded from their servers until you accept their privacy policy. Doing so will load all embeds from that host on that page.

Guessless uses the Web Storage API to store:

  • Persisted: Your selected color scheme preference (light or dark)
  • Session: The accepting of an embedded content host’s privacy policy

Unlike cookies, this information is not sent over any network and remains fully inside your browser.

Cloudflare serves as a reverse proxy for They may use your IP address and set essential cookies to ensure quality of service and performance. images may be embedded on some pages. They claim to not have any tracking in place and do not have a privacy policy.

Consider using Tor if you wish to remain anonymous online.