Useful .new shortcuts

3 min read

.new domains are intended to redirect you to a web service and create something new. For example, bootstraps a new React project from a template. can be used to convert Word documents to PDF. creates a Google Meet invitation.

Google Domains maintains a list of curated .new domains. Search engines can also help provide a reverse index. The shortcuts list contains only a small selection. Nearly 1500 domains are currently registered.

If you’re particularly interested in collecting obscure .new domains, you could use ICANN’s CZDS to request the zone file of .new. A DNS zone file contains a set of DNS records (A, AAAA, CNAME, etc.).

Here’s a list of my favorites. .new is still relatively new, so the list isn’t all too long. The curated domains list is a lot longer. There’s a good chance a service you personally use has a shortcut not listed below.

Online PDF tools from Adobe (free, no login required):